TC 6X10 Sujethor

Clamps with integrated Thorsmex nail to attach flat conductors to walls or ceilings, indoor with TC and outdoor with TC Rc.


TC 6X10 BAJA 2


  • Resistance to corrosion, humidity and extreme weather.
  • Operating temperatures: -10ºC to +120ºC
  • Installs directly to the wall by 30.0 mm (1 3/16”) x 2.0 mm (5/64”) nail

Code 3210-00100, 3210-04000




medidas sujethor 6x10


  • Color: Clear
  • Elaborated with polypropylene
  • Flexible
  • Nail is of galvanized steel, rust resistant
  • Nail hardness 48 HRc Tol. -1 HRc

 Commercial display

  • Box with a 100 parts
  • Blister with 20 parts


aplicacion sujethor 3x5







This product may also be found as:

  • Plastic clamp with nail
  • Plain clamp
  • Cable clamp
  • Flat Twin and Earth Cable Clip
  • Cable support
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