Grommet or Thormex flexible buttonhole to ensure that the metal cavity does not damage the cable.

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  • Ring through which, in most cases, an electric wire is passed
  • The grommet is usually inserted into holes made in certain materials in order to: protect, improve friction or seal cables passing through

Code 4007-99005, 4008-99005




medidas grommetMeasures

  • A 23.7 (mm) x B 20.1 (mm) x C 15.5 (mm) x D 6.1 (mm) x E 1.7 (mm)
  • A 38.1 (mm) x B 31.7 (mm) x C 25 (mm) x D 7.8 (mm) x E 1.5 (mm)


  • Color: Black
  • Manufactured in flexible PVC

Commercial display

  • Bag with a 100 parts


aplicación de grommet



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