Flexible floor duct, for electrical installations in floor or basement, its half-reed design provides security, strength and comfort.   Description Color: Brown, Gray and black Weight of duct: 2.5 m = 1.12 kg / 25.0 m =10.50 kg Has a total internal surface area of 305 mm2 Working temperature -20ºC to +80ºC Resistance to humidity and corrosive environment Resistance up to 100 kg continuous flow High dielectric stiffness Code 9300-01252, 9300-01253, 9300-01254, 9300-05025, 9300-05030, 9300-05040   Materials Flexible and self-extinguishing PVC UV-ray resistant  Commercial display 2.5 m reel 25 m reel  Application             This product may also be found as: Floor flexible duct Floor flexible chute Flexible coil Flexible raceway Raceway on a roll Folding surface mount raceway