Recessed outlet (Power & USB)

Recessed contact, solution for connection of ideal electricity in furniture of meeting rooms, offices, restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, hospitals, etc. It has 2 electrical contacts and 1 USB port duplex, aesthetic and innovative finish.   Description Available colors: black and white Maximum current: 15 A 1875 W USB charging: DC = 5.1 V 2.1 A Rated voltage: 125 V ~ Nominal frequency: 50-60Hz Degree of self-extinguishing protection: V2 Maximum operating temperature: 80 ° C Drilling for mounting Ø 4 ½ Product Weight: 0.181 It has 2 electrical contacts and 1 USB port duplex port Code 11000-83304, 11000-83504     Measure Length: 104.40 mm Width: 104.40 mm Height: 80.30 mm Materials ABS / 1008 Carbon steel Certified and endorsed by: NOM-003-SCFI-2014 Commercial Display Box with one piece   Application                 This product is also found as: Outlet for connectivity Desktop Outlet Multi-contacts eclipse Built-in outlet Take currents and USB of furniture  

Horizonthal desktop box

Horizontal desktop box, designed for solutions in connection of electricity, voice / data and multimedia for the office furniture, hotels, residential use, etc.   Description For indoor use only Connectivity: 1 RJ45 (RED), 1 RJ11 (TELEPHONIC), 2 125 V~ contacts and 1 configurable additional module according to the user’s installations Nominal frequency: 60 hz Maximum flow: 15 a 1875 W Nominal tension: 125 V~ Weight: 1.325 kg Code 11000-73201   Measures  Width 118 mm x Length 266 mm x  67 mm de Height  Materials Cast zinc alloy Black and aluminum finishes  Commercial display Box with 1 part  Application   This product may also be found as: Desktop contact bar Desktop contact box Connectivity for furniture Multifunctional desktop box Multi contacts for furniture Multifunction desktop contact Furniture connectivity bar

Pop Up socket

The desk turret is a practical solution for energy connectivity, allowing access and hiding connection mechanisms and cables with full comfort, adapting to any kind of furniture.   Description Actual power 15 to 1875 W Rated Voltage 125 V˜ , Rated Frequency 60 Hz. Conductor Grade 14AWG (2.08mm) Cable length: 2 m Protection level IP54 Includes plates and mechanisms, ready for quick and simple installation, Includes trimming cap Code 11000-63201     Measures Width 95 mm x Length 368 mm x 60 mm deep Materials Aluminum and galvanized steel finishes Commercial Display Box with 1 piece Application     This product may also be found as: Telescopic profile Multi-contact for desk Poke-throughs Countertop for power Pull-Up Power and Data Desk Grommets Round pop up table box Desk turret