Power rated drop ceiling/entrance

Derivation that allows to cover the pipe from ceiling to floor, ideal for energy installations, voice and data.   Description Color: White and aluminum Accessory weight: 0.108 kg Working temperature -40ºC to +85ºC Resistance to humidity and corrosive environment High dielectric stiffness Compatible with TMK duct systems (1020, 1720, 1735), PT (48 and 62) Pre-marked cutting zones for installation with chute Recommended for installation: Installation using TP2X thorquetes and 10×1 1/2” screws Code 6150-01002, 6150-06002   Materials Self-extinguishable ABS Certified in CSA Complies with the requirements from Mexican standard NOM-001-SEDE-2005  Commercial display Bag with 1 part  Application               This product may also be found as: Top-to-floor bypass Accessory for covering duct Pipeline to raceway bypass Pipe to raceway derivation Floor to ceiling derivation