Wall anchor TPS3 blue

Wall plugs for attaching screw objects to concrete walls and ceilings or solid surfaces.   Description Performs a double expansion, open to the four cardinal points It has a collar that prevents the top from sinking With flexible anti-twist wings Free of burr to prevent double expansion Resistant to moisture and saline environments Operating temperatures -50ºC to + 80ºC Recommended charge: 75 kg Resistance to extraction: 80 kg Code 1106- 06100   Measures H 50 mm x W 10 mm Materials Blue color Made with high density polyethylene Flexible Impact resistant and extraction Commercial display Bag with 100 pieces It is recommended for installation: Screws 12×2” /Drill bit 3/8“ Application   This product may also be found as: Nylon plugs Wall plug with fins Nylon wall plug Plastic wall plugs Blue wall plugs