Raceway Capacity Chart

A broad range of solutions for electrical and structured cabling installation, voice, and data; providing functionality, distribution, protection, and aesthetics.     40% of the capacity is the maximum capacity recommended by EIA/TIA-569-A for designing structured cable work systems, taking into account 60% in additions to the cable work and approaching maximum filling The maximum filling capacity for power cable work systems is described under the NOM-001-SEDE-2012


  To whom it may concern.   Present: Thorsmex S.A. de C.V., as support for your projects, hereby notifies the following relevant information for National public biddings. Law on Acquisitions, Leasing, and Services of the Public Sector. Chapter Two of the Public Bidding Article 28. the nature of public biddings shall be: National, in which only companies and individuals of Mexican nationality may participate, and assets to be acquired may only be PRODUCED WITHIN THE COUNTRY, with a national content of at least fifty percent, which shall be determined taking into account the manufacturing, consumables of the goods, and all other aspects determined by the Ministry of Economy through general regulations, or for having been under the threshold established under the treaties or, when being above the thresholds, when the corresponding reserve has been created.[1] *Prompt information that allows nullifying the participation of international brands or companies in this type of biddings (We provide a Certificate of Origin for our products, available upon prior request) Thorsman by Thorsmex Group products are evidence of their excellence in quality, being proudly manufactured in Mexico, and promoting the growth and development of the country, supporting Mexican manufacturers and workers, creating jobs and improving wages.        The efficient, transparent, and effective use of information is the result of an ethical performance. _______________________________________________________________ “Promotes products manufactured in Mexico”       [1] Chamber of Deputies of the Honorable Congress of the Union, Latest Reform DOF (10-11-2014), General Office of Parliamentary Services, The United Mexican States              .- Presidency of the Mexican Republic. Recovered https://www.diputados.gob.mx/LeyesBiblio/pdf/14_101114.pdf

Industrial Products

Products We offer our clients the manufacture and development of turnkey projects of plastic products with timely deliveries and quality products at competitive prices.     “Each employee is committed to the quality of their work, always with a philosophy of continuous improvement, to achieve and maintain the satisfaction of our customers”   For more information, visit Plastic Plus: https://plasticplus.mx/    

Thorsmex Certifications

The Thorsmex range of products, processes, and services guarantees quality by means of standards and certifications.   ISO 9001-2008 Is the basis of the Quality Management System, since it is an International Standard that appraises the effectiveness in the quality of products and services Conveys reliability by validating us a an Organization that complies with the standards required for complete satisfaction of our customers DNV  (The Quality Management System) No. 2000-SKM-AQ-130       CSA International Accrediting us as a certified brand by regulating product and service testing in electricity, gas, construction, plumbing and many other sectors. Indicates that it a product, process, or service that has been tested and complies with international requirements and standards.       ANCE Understands terms of product legitimacy and security, providing supporting certifications for the Electrical Sector. NOM-001-SEDE 2005 (Electrical Installations) The purpose of this NOM is to establish technical specifications and guidelines to be satisfied by installations for electrical energy use, so as to offer adequate safety conditions for individuals and their property regarding protection against: electric shock, thermal effects, over current, fault current, and power surges. Compliance with the provisions indicated herein guarantees the safe use of electrical energy. This standard is not intended to serve as a design guide, nor an instructions manual for unqualified persons.     Made in México Favors competitiveness among domestic products and promotes their consumption Thorsman by Thorsmex Group products evidence their quality of excellence by being proudly manufactured in Mexico, promoting the country’s growth and development and supporting Mexican manufacturers and workers by creating jobs and improving wages.                        

Thorsmex Promotion Tools

Mobile tools, through which Thorsmex supports its network of dealers and special projects by following a strategic roadmap.   UCE (Training and Exhibition Unit) Exhibition Room: A detailed view of the Piping, Fastening, and Telecommunication systems may be observed. This exhibition is by means of rotating panels that display charts and physical samples. Training Room: A space with an approximate capacity for 10 seated people, where the Corporate video is displayed and where visitors are explained in full detail the applications of each product. Technical advice: We have trained staff ready to provide advice on your projects.           TNM (Your Business On-the-go) Exhibition Hall: Orderly and attractively exhibiting the various solutions on Piping, Fastening, and Telecommunications for the customer to be able to interact, evaluate, and make an assertive purchase decision for his projects. Training Hall: Space with an approximate capacity of 12 seated people, where the corporate video is shared and each product is explained in full detail. Product Storage Room: The trailer has a physical inventory to supply the materials requested by the customer at any given time. Technical Counseling: We have trained staff available to provide advice on your projects.         Exhibitors   At Thorsmex we consider exhibition to be essential for promoting the various solutions of each of our products     This is why we have put together an attractive mix of exhibitors that adapt to the needs of each Dealer     We provide advice and communicate in a practical way each product application, so that the final consumer may imagine his project and/or installation as aesthetic, functional, and secure            

Value Proposal Thorsmex

  ESSENCE “Leading brand in Mexico renowned by piping and fastening products”    The Thorsman brand in chutes and wall anchors has been well represented, produced, and distributed in Mexico, maintaining a high standard of service and quality in a product line that justifies premium recognition. DIFFERENCE “Great quality discovered in the experience of relations and time”    We are piping and fastening specialists, which allows us to integrate a full line of universal products, with a service that guarantees its delivery and correct installation.     RELEVANCE “The ideal supplier, committed to resolving my product and delivery needs”   Our direct dealers and clients deliver promises in their projects, and require an expert supplier to back them: a supplier in which they can fully rely on; someone that listens to their business needs and that provides innovative and customized solutions. They have chosen to build a lasting relationship with us, with the peace of mind derived from our commitment, quality, and advice.      

Thorsmex Production Process

Thorsmex S.A. de C.V. products are manufactured through a meticulously-dedicated process by employing the following machinery:   Extrusion A mechanical industrial process that performs a plastic molding action, where plastic, through continuous pressure and thrust, passes through a mold that provides the desired shape. Reference system: Trunking   Injection Semi-continuous process consisting of injecting a liquid-state (or rubbery) polymer, ceramic, or metal in a closed, cold pressurized mold through a small opening called gate. In this mold, the material gets solidified and begins to crystallize into semi-crystalline polymers. The final part or part is retrieved when opening the mold and retrieving the molded part from the cavity.   Reference system: Fastening Blow Moulding The continuous or non-continuous multi-phase manufacture process for thin-wall hollow parts from thermoplastic materials is a part manufacture process. The result is high-volume final products, for example: bottles and containers.   Reference system: Industrial products