TMK 2560 raceway

PVC raceway with three channels,  for structured cable and electrical energy installations.     Description Color: White Duct, base, and cover weight: 1.234 kg. Has a total surface area of 1.125 mm2 for duct Certified in CSA Working temperature -20ºC to +85ºC Resistance to humidity and corrosive environment High dielectric stiffness Complies with the requirements from Mexican standard NOM-001-SEDE-2005 Code 5401-01250   Materials Rigid, high-impact, tension-resistant PVC ASTM D-638-98 Self-extinguishable material ASTM D-635-98 UV-Ray resistant ASTM D-635-98 ASTM testing at 250 hrs. Should not change tone ASTM G-154 (500 hr)  Commercial display 2.5 m Section  Application             This product may also be found as: PVC trunking PVC duct Multifunctional raceway Surface duct Surface trunking Rigid PVC raceway Non-metallic duct Cable duct Partition raceway Cable raceway