Multipurpose scissors

Multi-purpose scissors, makes quick and accurate cuts of different types of materials such as chutes, PVC pipes, hose, poliduct, cord and conductors.   Description Design for the use of professional installers The diversity of its accessories, allow cuts to different angles Color: Natural Weight: 0.548 kg Code 999988883   Materials Blades made of forged steel Cast aluminum jaws Commercial display Box with 7 parts (5 accessories interchangeable jaw type and 1 hex wrench)  Application               This product may also be found as: Tool to cut chute Tool to cut raceway Scissors to cut PVC Tweezers to cut chute Tweezers for PVC Scissors to cut plastic                  

Strap cutter

Strapping tool and machine, sturdy, durable and reliable.     Description Handle with cover Ergonomic Weight of the part 1.100 kg Code 4980-01000     Materials Steel product Color: Natural  Commercial display Box with 1 part  Application             This product may also be found as: Stainless steel cutter Strap cutting tool Strapping machine