Aluminum floor duct

Aluminum cable cord covers, ideal for continuous floor areas and / or wall application, excellent for guiding cables without breaking walls. For electrical installations and structured wiring, the half moon duct is considered one of the most aesthetic and safe solutions of Thorsmex.     Description Natural color High dielectric stiffness Operating temperature -20 ° C to + 120 ° C Resistance to humidity and corrosive atmosphere Code 8801-80300     Measure 60 mm base x 17 mm high Materials Anodized aluminum Commercial display 2.5 m long section Application   Recommended for Installation: Fix with 10 × 1 1/2 “Galvanized Screw and Thorsmex Wall plug TP2X Red         This product is also found as: Trough for aluminum floor Aluminum Half Duct Aluminum cord covers DXN10013 aluminum duct Aluminum floor raceway Aluminum floor trunking Aluminum slim duct Aluminum channel duct