A modular system that concentrates, distributes and orders the cables of alternating and regulated electric power, as well as voice telephones and data internet, in a column of vertical design.




  • Color: White and aluminum
  • Accessory weight: 1.317 kg
  • Working temperature -40oC to +85oC
  • Resistance to humidity and corrosive environment
  • High dielectric stiffness
  • Complies with the requirements from Mexican Standard NOM-001-SEDE-2005
  • Easy and simple installation with pressure ensemble and fasteners

 Code 10000-01000, 10000-02000




medidas minicolumna


  • Rigid, high-impact, tension-resistance PVCASTM D-638-98
  • High impact rigid ABS tension resistant ASTM D-638-98
  • Self-extinguishable material ASTM D-635-98
  • UV-ray resistant ASTM D-635-98
  • ASTM testing for 250 hrs. Should not change tone ASTM G-154 (500 hr)

 Commercial display

  • Blister with 25 parts










This product may also be found as:

  • Contact column
  • Voice/data column