Electrical enclosure

Metal cabinet, designed to protect both electrical equipment and users of the same.










  • Complies with NEMA 3R (dust and water resistance) standard thanks to its perimeter box at the front that ensures good insulation
  • Complies with NMX-E-160-CNP-2007 and ASTM G154-06 (UV resistance)
  • Complies with NMX-E-025-CNCP-2005 and ASTM D635 (Self-Extinguishable)
  • Resistant to moisture and weather
  • Color: Gray ANSI 60 electrostatic painting
  • Weight: 20,600 kg
  • Front cover made of 16 gauge galvanized sheet
  • Strips with adhesion of PVC black as seal between lid and cabinet body
  • At the rear there are 4 fixing brackets that keep the cabinet apart from the wall 17 mm

Code THCGE001


gabinete dimensiones


  • 584 mm x 584 mm x 272 mm


  • Made of 16 gauge galvanized sheet
  • Insulating base of fixation of components of phenolic wood of 13 mm x 494 mm

 Commercial display

  • 1 part


Gabinete electrico


This product may also be found as:

  • NEMA cabinet
  • NEMA enclosure
  • Metallic cabinet
  • Metallic enclosure