Fixing kit for concrete (30 wall anchors TP2X red, 30 screws, and 1 drill) “special edition”

The “Thorsmex 20-year anniversary” fixing kit is the ideal solution for a complete, fast, safe and aesthetic installation. It contains thirty 1/4 “TP2X red plugs, thirty galvanized screws with a 10 × 1 1/2″ mixed head and one 1/4” concrete drill bit. For fastening objects to ceilings, concrete walls, fake walls and solid surfaces.



Description fixing kit “20 years Thorsmex”

  • Product Weight: 0.320 kg

Commercial display

Kit with 61 pieces (thirty 1/4 “TP2X plugs, thirty 10 × 1 1/2” screws and one  1/4 “concrete drill)

Code 3601-00001






Description wall anchors TP2X red color by Thorsmex

  • Operating temperatures -50ºC to + 80ºC
  • Material: high density polyethylene
  • Recommended load of 60 kg in concrete
  • Resistance to the extraction of 40 kg in concrete 40 kg in the wall
  • Impact resistant and extraction
  • They make a double expansion, that is to say that it opens towards the four cardinal points
  • It consists of 2 fins that the wall plug is not allowed to turn inside the hole when the screw is inserted
  • They have a collar that prevents the cap from sinking, even when the piercing is deeper
  • They have a guide that allows the screw to be inserted correctly


Description Thorsmex Screws

  •      Mixed head
  •      Material: galvanized steel
  •      Self-tapping single-pitch rope
  •      Operating temperature -20ºC to + 80ºC
  •      Resistant to humidity and corrosive atmosphere



dimensiones bote de taquetes para concretoMeasure

  • L 170 mm x W 68 mm


aplicación taquete rojo





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