Rigid grommet

Protector to introduce cables by wall. It is usually inserted into holes made in certain materials in order to protect, improve the friction of the cables passing through it in a practical, clean and orderly manner.




  • For use in cableway installations through a wall
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Color: UV Ivory
  • Hardness 40 Shore D (Rigid)
  • Impact resistant
  • For cable of: 9.0 mm diameter
  • Color: UV Ivory
  • Weight: 0.00408 kg

Code 14000-00002




  • Self-Extinguishable
  • Operation temperatures of-5ºC to 65ºC
  • PVC raw material

 Commercial display

  • Bag (100 parts)




This product may also be found as:

  • Tube bushings
  • Cable-through
  • Rigid grommet
  • Plastic ring
  • Wiring protector
  • Talon Pipe Covers