Not divided TMK 1020 lighting raceway


PVC raceway with transparent lid, solution to electrical installations and structured wiring, ideal for positioning LED lighting.


canaleta para ledDescription

  • Resistance to humidity and corrosive environment
  • Easy to install and ideal for residential / commercial projects
  • Duct weight, base and cap: 0.207 kg
  • It has an internal area of 130 mm2
  • Working temperature -20ºC to +85ºC
  • High dielectric stiffness
  • Complies with the requirements from Mexican standard NOM-001-SEDE-2005

Code  5101-11260



medidas canaleta para ledMaterials

  • Color: Base TMK 1020 White without division PVC and Cover L-20 color transparent
  • High impact rigid PVC Self-extinguishing

Commercial Display

  • 2.5 m Section


CANALETA PARA LED APPcanaleta-tmk-1020-led







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