I want to become a reseller


These are the documents needed to become a Reseller:

* Credit application (fully filled)
* Copy of Constitutive Act.
* Legal power(s)
* Copy of Official Identification of Legal Representative(s)
* Copy of power of attorney accrediting the legal representative(s)
* Proof of address of Legal Representative..
* Copy of the company’s Federal taxpayer registration
* Copies of two Proof of addresses of the company (both sides)
* Copy of the last Tax Payment
* Financial Statements for the immediately preceding quarter
* Annual declaration of the previous year

We inform you that our research agency will be visiting you to collect or update
Information, please provide the information requested.


General Information

Name or Institution Name *
Full Address *
Established Time *
Email *
Telephone *
Taxpayer Registration *


Market sectors that you attend:

Electric Hardware industry Government
Construction Telecom Other
Do you have store(s)? Yes No
Please specify if it is: Your Own Rented

For how long in years have you been there?

Area of your office in m2 Warehouse in m2 Store in m2

Indicate the number of sellers by market sector:

Industry Government Resell
Counter Sale Construction Foreign


Do you have your own catalog? Yes No

What activities do you do to promote your products and which to attract customers to your business?

Main brands and products with which you work?


Commercial References


Do you own Branches? Yes No

If you have branches
No. of branches

Address 1 Telephone 1
Address 2 Telephone 2
Address 3 Telephone 3
Address 4 Telephone 4

Number of vehicles destined for distribution

Mention what territory you have coverage:

Type of sales (credit, cash, and their percentage)

Maximum credit term

I declare that the information I have provided in this application is for the purpose of obtaining a line of credit and
Is strictly attached to the truth.

All the information is necessary to form your file and indispensable to enable you as a reseller