Thorsmex Certifications

The Thorsmex range of products, processes, and services guarantees quality by means of standards and certifications.


ISO 9001-2008

  • Is the basis of the Quality Management System, since it is an International Standard that appraises the effectiveness in the quality of products and services
  • Conveys reliability by validating us a an Organization that complies with the standards required for complete satisfaction of our customers


DNV  (The Quality Management System) No. 2000-SKM-AQ-130





CSA International

  • Accrediting us as a certified brand by regulating product and service testing in electricity, gas, construction, plumbing and many other sectors.
  • Indicates that it a product, process, or service that has been tested and complies with international requirements and standards.






  • Understands terms of product legitimacy and security, providing supporting certifications for the Electrical Sector.

NOM-001-SEDE 2005 (Electrical Installations)

  • The purpose of this NOM is to establish technical specifications and guidelines to be satisfied by installations for electrical energy use, so as to offer adequate safety conditions for individuals and their property regarding protection against: electric shock, thermal effects, over current, fault current, and power surges.
  • Compliance with the provisions indicated herein guarantees the safe use of electrical energy. This standard is not intended to serve as a design guide, nor an instructions manual for unqualified persons.





Made in México

  • Favors competitiveness among domestic products and promotes their consumption
  • Thorsman by Thorsmex Group products evidence their quality of excellence by being proudly manufactured in Mexico, promoting the country’s growth and development and supporting Mexican manufacturers and workers by creating jobs and improving wages.


hecho en mexico