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Thorsmex S.A. de C.V., as support for your projects, hereby notifies the following relevant information for National public biddings.

Law on Acquisitions, Leasing, and Services of the Public Sector.

Chapter Two of the Public Bidding

Article 28. the nature of public biddings shall be: National, in which only companies and individuals of Mexican nationality may participate, and assets to be acquired may only be PRODUCED WITHIN THE COUNTRY, with a national content of at least fifty percent, which shall be determined taking into account the manufacturing, consumables of the goods, and all other aspects determined by the Ministry of Economy through general regulations, or for having been under the threshold established under the treaties or, when being above the thresholds, when the corresponding reserve has been created.[1]

*Prompt information that allows nullifying the participation of international brands or companies in this type of biddings (We provide a Certificate of Origin for our products, available upon prior request)

Thorsman by Thorsmex Group products are evidence of their excellence in quality, being proudly manufactured in Mexico, and promoting the growth and development of the country, supporting Mexican manufacturers and workers, creating jobs and improving wages.


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 The efficient, transparent, and effective use of information is the result of an ethical performance.


“Promotes products manufactured in Mexico”




[1] Chamber of Deputies of the Honorable Congress of the Union, Latest Reform DOF (10-11-2014), General Office of Parliamentary Services, The United Mexican States              .- Presidency of the Mexican Republic. Recovered