Thorsmex Production Process

Thorsmex S.A. de C.V. products are manufactured through a meticulously-dedicated process by employing the following machinery:



A mechanical industrial process that performs a plastic molding action, where plastic, through continuous pressure and thrust, passes through a mold that provides the desired shape.

Reference system: Trunking



Semi-continuous process consisting of injecting a liquid-state (or rubbery) polymer, ceramic, or metal in a closed, cold pressurized mold through a small opening called gate. In this mold, the material gets solidified and begins to crystallize into semi-crystalline polymers. The final part or part is retrieved when opening the mold and retrieving the molded part from the cavity.


Reference system: Fastening


Blow Moulding

The continuous or non-continuous multi-phase manufacture process for thin-wall hollow parts from thermoplastic materials is a part manufacture process. The result is high-volume final products, for example: bottles and containers.


Reference system: Industrial products