White TP0 Raw plug kit and screws

juego de taquetes blancos

Raw plugs for attaching screw objects to concrete walls and ceilings or solid surfaces.


juego de taquetes blancos


  • Performs a double expansion, ie open to the four cardinal points
  • Consists of 2 fins that do not allow the plug to rotate into the hole when the screw is inserted
  • It has a collar that prevents the cap from sinking, even when the piercing is deeper
  • Has a guide that allows the screw to be inserted correctly
  • Free of burr to prevent double expansion, test with screw No. 8 x 3/4” (19.1mm)
  • Operating temperatures -50ºC to +80ºC
  • Recommended charge: 40 kg in concrete / 30 kg in partition wall
  • Resistance to extraction: 15 kg in concrete

Code 1101-05002




medidas juego de taquetes blancos


  • Color: thorquete White, thornillo Natural
  • Thorquete elaborated with high density polyethylene
  • Flexible
  • Galvanized steel Thornillo
  • Resistant to impact and extraction

 Commercial display

  • Blister with (40 parts) 20 White raw plug kit TP0 and 20 No. 8 x 3/4” (19.1 mm) thornillos


aplicacion thorquete blanco 1








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